Elections around the Region

Our Lady of Angels Fraternity - Deer Park, WA

Carmen Himenes, OFS - Minister
Jim Bongers, OFS - Vice Minister
Linda Pettis, OFS - Formation Director
Theresa Bongers, OFS - Secretary
Dianna Slama, OFS - Treasurer
Delmonte Slusher, OFS - Fraternal Life councilor
Jaki Shrauger, OFS - JPIC councilor

Servants of the Lord Fraternity - Bremerton, WA

Minister: Robert Earhart, OFS
Vice Miniister: Victoria Crezcenzi, OFS
Formation Director: Susan Ogilvie, OFS
Secretary: Tina MW Lujan, OFS
Treasurer: Bobbie C Price, OFS
Councilor: Barbara Hinkler, OFS
Councilor:Dick Holdren, OFS

St. Clare Fraternity - Portland, OR

Minister - Jim Burns, OFS

Vice Minister - Tricia Fryer, OFS

Formation Director- Clare Reidy, OFS 

Secretary - Lynne Burns, OFS

Treasurer - Tom Brannon, OFS

Councilor #1 - Laura Wagman, OFS

Councilor #2 - Barbara Allen, OFS