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Professions around the Region

St. Francis Fraternity, Eugene January 2022
St. Thomas More Newman Center, Fr. Garry Capleman, OP

St. Clare Fraternity April 23, 2022

Congratulations Florence Sgo Bas!!
on your  Profession!

Congratulations David Montgomery!

Elections around the Region

St. John the Evangelist, Boise

February 12, 2023


Minister: Terry Buck, OFS

Vice Minister: Karen Terrazas, OFS

Formation Director: V Cubbage, OFS

Secretary: Stephanie Gandara, OFS

Treasurer: Mike Evaniuck, OFS

Councilor: Ailen Evaniuck, OFS

St. Francis of Assisi, Eugene

On Saturday, May 28, the St. Francis of Assisi Fraternity gathered to elect a new council to serve from 2022-2025. Those elected were:


   Dave Olszyk, OFS - Minister

   Florence Blas, OFS - Vice Minister

   Lois Cersovski, OFS - Formation Director (2nd 3 year term)

   Julie McCauley, OFS - Secretary (First elected term of office)

   Helen Haley, OFS - Treasurer (2nd 3 year term)

   Patricia Mihalic Doyle - Councilor


Witnesses to this election were Sister Loretta Schaff, OSF (ecclesial witness) and Deacon Terry Barber, OFS (Regional Minister).

August 27 2022

Minister        Maria Silvers, OFS  

Vice Min.     Taffy Federle, OFS     

Formation    Mary Powell, OFS   

Secretary    Linda Keefe, OFS    

Treasurer    Linda Pepper, OFS 

Councilor    Mary Catherine Bibro, OFS 

No 2nd Councilor elected this year. 

Mary Queen of Angels
Post Falls, ID
October 9, 2022

Minister:  Sandy Neal, OFS

Vice-Minister:  Bill Ballinger, OFS

Formation Director:  Wayne Woodward, OFS

Secretary:  Paul Franz, OFS

Treasurer:  Mark Neal, OFS

Councilor:  Carolyn Waley, OFS

San Buenaventura - Portland

Minister/Ministro - Armando Olívera Salas, OFS
Vice Minister/Vice Ministro - Sara Maria Camargo, OFS
Formation/Formación - Rogelio Hernández, OFS
Secretary/Secretario - Faustino (Tino) Ramirez, OFS
Treasurer/Tersero - Christopher (Chris) James Robinson, OFS
Councilor (1)/Consejero (1) - Ramiro Hernández, OFS
Councilor (2)/Consejero (2) - Mateo Fco. Gonzalez Leyva, OFS

St. Francis Spokane
May 14, 2022
Minister - Jim Huss, OFS
Vice-Minister - Sandy Earnest, OFS
Formation Director - Helen Sargeant, OFS
Secretary - Sue Huss, OFS
Treasurer - Dennis Daniel, OFS
Councilor - Marilyn Norgard, OFS
Councilor - Lorraine Huffaker, OFS

St. Frances Cabrini

Minister:  Dcn Terry Barber, OFS
Vice-Minister:  Karen Lezcano, OFS
Formation Director: Dcn Juan Lezcano, OFS
Secretary:  Patricia Barber, OFS
Treasurer:  Cheri Allan, OFS
Councilor:  Lucy Soldan, OFS


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