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Give us, O God,
leaders whose hearts are large enough
to match the breadth of our own souls
and give us souls strong enough
to follow leaders of vision and wisdom.
In seeking a leader, let us seek
more than our own enhancement —
though enhancement we hope for —
more than security for our own plans and vision
— though security we need —
more than satisfaction for our own selfish wants
— though many things we desire.

Give us the hearts to choose and follow the leader
who will work with other leaders
to bring Your will to the agenda
and help us to fulfill it.

Give us leaders who lead us to virtue
without seeking to impose
their own version of virtue on others.

Give us leaders who will provide
for the advancement of our Order
without dictating to others to achieve it.

Give us insight enough ourselves
to choose as leaders those who can tell
strength from power,
growth from greed,
leadership from dominance,
and real greatness from the trappings of grandiosity.

We trust you, Great God,
to open our hearts to learn
from those to whom you speak in different tongues and to respect the life and words of those to whom you entrusted the good of other parts of this globe.

We beg you, Great God, give us the vision as Secular Franciscans to know where holy leadership truly lies, to pursue it diligently, to ask it to respect the integrity of every person in the entire Order.

We ask these things, Great God, with minds open to your word and hearts that trust in your eternal care. Amen

The above “Prayer for OFS Leadership” was adapted and updated September 1, 2012 by: Kevin Queally, TOR and Anne Mulqueen, OFS

Prayer for Vocations 

Loving God,

You have called each of us by name into the Secular Franciscan Order.

Open our hearts to you.

We pray that You bring brothers and sisters to us.

May we always be welcoming and joyful and gentle.

Open our eyes to the goodness of your creation.

Especially to those places where we are blind.

Open our hearts to the gifts we are to each other,

Especially to the gifts of others who we have failed to see.

Help us to stretch our hearts wide enough

To embrace contradictions and paradox.

We call on all our Franciscan Ancestors in the Communion of Saints

To pray fervently with us now for vocations,

So that inspired by the same holy Spirit who enflamed Francis and Clare,

We may help to transform our Order and our world as we journey together,

Until each of us joins You for all eternity

In Communion with Your most Holy Trinity.


(Prayerful gift to the Troubadours of Peace Region from

St. Francis of Assisi Fraternity, Medford, OR)


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