Forms and Documents

The Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order

Troubadours of Peace Regional Guidelines 


Fraternity Annual Report Form

Fraternity Leadership Handbook


Election Forms

Responsibilities according to office

Responsibilities according to office, revised

Election Teller Form -Local (Revised)

Election Teller Form -Regional

Fraternity Election Nomination Forms

Election Procedures

Ballot Forms

Report of Election - Revised 2021

Nomination Chair Worksheet

Bookkeeping  Forms

Blank Reimbursement Form

Miscellaneous Forms/Documents

Ritual of SFO

Transfer Form - New Revised Oct 2019

Request for Definitive Withdrawal

Request for excused status

Minister's Check List

Local Fraternity Self-evaluation Form

Visitation Report Form

Visitation Guidelines SA Handbook

Formation Forms and Guides 

Guidelines for Interviews

Application for Profession

Prayer for Vocations

Guidelines for Interviews

Formation Resource Manual

Request for Rite of Admission

SFO Regional Certificate

Initial Formation Process

Preparation for Profession - Candidates statement

Profession Interview Assessment

Initial Application

Orientation Formation Records

Reference/Recommendation form

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