The Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order

Troubadours of Peace Regional Guidelines


Trovadores de la Paz Directrices regionales

Fraternity Annual Report Form - ToP rev2017

Informe anual de la Fraternidad local de la Región

Election Forms

Responsibilities According to Office

Responsabilidades de Acuerdo a la oficina

Election procedures rev 6-10-2007.doc

Ballot Forms

Fraternity Election Nomination

Nomination Chair Worksheet

Formation Forms and Guides

Formation Process Guide Feb-2013

Orientation Formation Records

Formation Process Outline 2007

Application for Profession

Initial Application

Preparation for Profession -- Candidate's Statement

Preparation for Profession -- Interview and Assessment

Preparation for Profession -- Interview Questionnaire

Profession Interview Assessment

Reference - Recommendation Form

Request for Rite of Admission

Certificate of Profession

2016 Fraternity Leadership Handbook

Manual de la Liderazgo de la Fraternidad 2016

Book Keeping Forms

Donation Sum Meet date.xls

Fraternity Donation Sum.xls

Member Annual Donation.xls

Monthly Income Summary.xls

Treasurer Annual Report.xls

Treasurer Monthly Report.xls

Treasurer Worksheet.xls

Miscellaneous Forms

Alice Pihl Scully Grant Application

Official Transfer Form

Request Excused Status 2006.doc

Definitive Voluntary Withdrawal

Request for Definitive Voluntary Withdrawal

Request for Transfer

Blank Reimbursement form (Revised 2020)

Blank Reimbursment form.docx

Forms and Documents

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Election Teller Form

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